About Us

About Us

Founded by a team of enterprising professionals with extensive market experience and knowledge in all aspects of netting products, INDIAN ENTERPRISES offers a comprehensive range of strong and durable Nets and Netting products, from Balcony Safety Net to All Sports Net, Cricket Practise Net, Anti-Bird Net, Coconut Safety Net, and more, for any application and whatever the requirement. With particular emphasis in recent years to broaden our wide range of products, Indian Enterprises has consistently maintained its ability to provide customers with not only quality products but also fast, reliable, and competitive service, all to the highest level of satisfaction.

Our USP has been our adaptability, which has enabled us to meet the precise needs of customers and provide products that are, easy to install and fix and anti-rust and weather-resistant, for a broad range of residential, commercial and industrial applications, all on occasions, backed by a comprehensive feasibility study for every customer requirement.

At INDIAN ENTERPRISES, we have an able team of specialists with the level of skills for your specific requirement, who will be on hand to assist you and demonstrate our continued determination to improve our quality of service as per your expectations. Apart from explaining the qualities of every product, they will also be on hand to ensure the very latest techniques and total safety at all times.

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To stay customer-focussed and competitive, committed to better quality, delivering results through continuous offering of innovative products.


To provide consistent quality netting solutions of the highest standards that works from safety, visual and practical perspectives, and creates value.


Passionate about excellence and superior quality of performance, we stringently adopt the highest QUALITY ASSURANCE as per industry standards at all levels of our working process. Quality Assurance is central to our core philosophy of ensuring the best value for customer’s money. An effective QA at all levels of our work process and product verification ensures quality in every aspect is maintained and sustained to international standards.

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