Anti Bird Net

Anti Bird Net


A report titled ‘Risk Management in Agriculture’, released by the Ministry of Agriculture, INDIA, a few months back, has revealed that birds are causing drastic decrease in crop yields by destroying them completely during vulnerable stages, in different agro-ecological regions of INDIA, despite their ability to maintain a check on pesky insects and rodents. By damaging crops, the birds are causing severe economic losses to the farming community as well.

All of the old traditional protection measures to keep in check predatory birds, including erecting a machan amidst crop fields; scare crows; drum beating; and such likes, have all failed to generate the desired impact in controlling their menace.

This is where ANTI-BIRD NETS is suggested as a viable option to keep away pesky birds, from homes and other properties or agricultural fields. Today, they are widely used, especially in the agriculture industry for they act as a versatile plant protection system.

We offer high-class ANTI-BIRD NETS, made of co-polymer nylon in a way that they stay unaffected by harmful climate changes or effects, whether it’s the sun or rain or winter or wind or dust, for they are ultraviolet stabilised. They are also extremely flexible in a way that they can be customised as per the desires of customers.

Known for their excellent durability, long-lifespan and maintenance features, they are strong and sturdy, extremely easy to clean and need minimum or virtually no maintenance at all. Furthermore, being extremely thin, they do not obstruct the flow of natural light and air.

Finally, the best part of ANTI-BIRD NETS is that they do not harm the birds in any way, but simply prevent them from coming onto the residential / commercial areas or agricultural fields.

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