Balcony Safety Net

Balcony Safety Net

Balcony Safety Net

Open balconies and terraces can be at times, danger zones, for with their vast openness, they are an open invitation to intruders like pesky birds or flying objects or weather hazards like extreme rain and water flow and of course, thieves and burglars. To protect such open balconies and terraces, it’s important to have a secure safety net and this is where BALCONY SAFETY NET comes into play.

Our collection of BALCONY SAFETY NETS are made with strong transparent monofilament mesh nylon thread, tied in knots, and cut to install with special ties, requiring only a screw eye, and fastened to the duck, directly to the floor.

In addition, they come in styles and colours that blend in easily with the look of the apartment or commercial complex building. The net’s strong transparent nylon thread with collared setting enhances the overall aesthetic look of balconies or terraces, without compromise on the overall aesthetic look.

When attached to balconies or windows or partitions or stairs, they offer excellent protection without in any way compromising on the free flow of fresh ventilation and fresh air. More importantly, they also assure excellent security even if it breaks.

Further, talking about security aspect, they restrict overhang entrances that prevents children from venturing or crawling out into the terrace or balcony.

In addition to a quality product, you can also avail the benefit of perfect installation from our technical team, and ensure proper installation with periodic maintenance that will help protect your open balconies or terraces and ensure safety and security of lives and objects.

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