Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes

It’s important to prevent birds from landing on ledges and deter them from causing nuisance and dangers.

Our collection of BIRD SPIKES of highly durable construction, is an effective deterrent, available in plastic and stainless steel, and is extremely effective, especially for deterring larger bird species. Wherever applied, they are extremely effective for eliminating the ability to perch, roost or nest.

Further, our BIRD SPIKES are not just humane (does not harm birds), but can also easily blend in with the look of your building’s colour and design, while offering a superb long-term deterrence against nuisance bird infestations and property protection from damage.

Available in varied sizes, they are also sun and weather-resistant, even in extreme temperatures; easy to install, and can be glued or screwed or tied down to most surfaces.

Apart from being used in residential homes and apartment flats, they can also be used on beams, girders, porches, awnings, doors, entryways, towers, masts and aerials.

To get the best out of our BIRD SPIKES, it’s important that they are checked periodically to make sure that there are no leaves, or trash or other mess contents that clog the spikes, if left as it is.

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