Cricket Practice Net

Cricket Practice Net

In INDIA, Cricket along with Films is a religion. Such is the popularity of the sport that it is a common sight to see cricket played across cities and towns in INDIA, with cricket nets being a fundamental part of cricket practise, across cricket grounds in India. Cricket practise nets can also be seen in educational establishments, including schools, colleges, and universities and most recreation clubs and resorts.

Cricket Practise Net is referred to as a practise net used by batsmen and bowlers to warm-up, hone their cricketing skills and get into the match groove. Comprising of a cricket pitch (which could be a natural or artificial turf), enclosed by cricket net on either side, to the rearm with an optional roof, cricket practise nets offers a robust safety element, fundamental to cricket practise, and crucial at every level of cricket. While the batting end of the cricket practise net is enclosed by net on all the three sides, the bowling end of the net is left open.

We offer such a kind of Cricket Practise Net that assures safe and efficient training for budding and established cricketers, and also make it possible for young cricket players, to evolve and develop their cricket skills.

Made from a rich-quality synthetic polymer such as polyethylene, a hard wearing and relatively economic material, OR knotted netting which is considered to be superior, cricket practise net offers the following benefits:

  • Stops a cricket ball from travelling across a field when a batsman at the batting end of the net plays a shot, leading to saving in time and also eliminates the need for fielders.
  • Does away with the need for a wicket-keeper in the event of the cricket ball going past the bat.
  • Assures greater intensity of training, especially where several cricket nets are in use.
  • Provides for quality solitary batting practise when practised with a bowling machine.

Most importantly, our Cricket Practise Nets offer a safety element by helping contain the majority of aerial cricket balls, and nullify danger of potential injuries occurring from the hard cricket balls to people who are within the range of the batsman.

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