False Ceiling

False Ceiling

Reasons to build a false ceiling in a room

A fitted ceiling that hangs below the actual ceiling of a room or an apartment is known as the false ceiling. This ceiling is in suspension mode with wooden and metal frames' help by bringing a lower ceiling's illusion. Generally, these false ceilings are suspended at a minimum distance of eight inches from the original ceiling. Different kinds of design available enhance the beauty of the room or the apartment.

The false ceilings are made up of different kinds of material like gypsum, plaster of Paris, wood, etc. The most commonly used for preparing the false ceiling is the plaster of Paris. The materials are used in combination, too, while building the ceiling. The advantage of creating a false ceiling is that it provides an acoustic view and provides an opportunity to give perfect design treatment to the rooms in the house.

It also helps in hiding the wires and pipes. It can be fitted with hidden and sunken lights. Houses in the colder region offer an added perk of insulating the rooms as the additional layer adds a gap between the original and the false ceiling. It traps the air and cools the space below.

Types of false ceiling

There are different types of false ceiling designs available in the market, which will cater to the owner's various kinds of needs. There is a single-layered false ceiling in which the entire ceiling is covered with only one layer and design. The color, shape, lightings, and texture of the ceiling can be selected accordingly.

Then there is a double-layered false ceiling used in large rooms as it creates a grandeur look for the room. It also provides an opportunity to flex the creative side to experiment with the design and color for the ceiling along with the lighting. The most commonly used is the false ceiling shapes; customized shapes are created using different kinds of materials.

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