Pigeon Net for Balcony

Pigeon Net for Balcony


Pigeons can be real pesky creatures, for their droppings are highly destructive and damaging, not only to the properties but also to the health of the inhabitants of the properties. Medically, it has been proven that the acidic content of the droppings can

  • Wear out paint, plastic, metal, wood and degrade stonework.
  • Spoil and damage expensive signage, whether it’s fabricated of metal or wood or plastic.
  • Cause deadly diseases like Psittacosis, Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, etc.

In addition, their droppings also:

  • Create severe image issues for commercial and retail properties
  • Spoil the look of walkways, display windows, benches, electricity / lamp posts, entryways, and so on, often leading to frequent costly clean-ups

To keep the menace of Pigeons away, the only viable solutions is Pigeon Net For Balcony.

We offer specially designed Pigeon Net For Balcony that helps seal balconies and keep pigeons away, in an effective and humane way, without hurting them in anyway.

Made of specially fabricated tough UV-stabilised polyethylene mesh, the Nets are strong, rot-proof, water-proof and flame-resistant, and also extremely durable, designed to withstand a wide array of temperatures from -250F to +270F.

More importantly, our Pigeon Net For Balcony meets the requirement of ISO 1806 & 9001 Protocol Mesh Test for quality and mesh break strength, and are non-conducive which means they can be used around electrical systems and transmission systems, without the danger of interference.

Available in a variety of stock sizes and custom-cuts, and colours, that can easily blend in with the area of installation, the Pigeon Nets For Balcony are extremely easy and simple to install and manage.

Finally, it’s important to note that before its installation, it’s extremely vital to clear away pigeon nests and droppings.

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